Refund Policy


Absolutely no refunds will be issued after 2 hours of making payment except under these conditions:

1) Full refund if order is more than 90% destroyed after it was packaged and ready to be delivered. This can happen in transit, especially with cakes.

2) Full refund if you asked for a specific delivery date we couldn't meet, but have already agreed on the date and collected your payment.

3) We reserve the right to fully refund your payment if you didn't give us enough lead time to prepare it, and preparation hasn't began.


Our goal is to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Orders can be canceled before full or partial payment is received, or less than 2 hours after we receive your payment. We reserve the right to take 15% of your payment, to cover our cost to collect your payment. The exact amount will be determined after we receive your cancelation request.

Store Credit

You may choose to accept a store credit towards a future purchase on The Refunds and Cancelation terms above must also be met to be eligible for a store credit.