• There's nothing more special than saying "Happy Birthday" to someone and then present them with a magnificient cake. This is your chance to connect, affirm or establish a relationship with that special someone or relative. The taste of our cakes will bring you to tears.

  • The perfect pastry for all meals! Our turnovers are packed wholesome goodness. Some recipes call for all manner of fillings, but our recipe features a delicious tomato, onion, garlic and ground beef or chicken mixture. You can enjoy turnovers as an appetizer, a main dish or even after your main course. This is already making your mouth water, so hurry and...

  • Make your order or gift extra special with our wide selections of imported alcohol-free wines and champagnes. Nothing will convey your emotions or message better than a cascades of tiny bubbles, being sipped slowly by your recipient.Sold only with cake or pastry

  • This bundle contains the following: 1 regular size birthday cake; 1 Wine (World class alcoholic or non-alcoholic); 24 pieces of cookies and 6 pieces of turnovers (meat or vegetables).** You may choose different pastries/pies/wine of similar value. ** You may add extra items to this bundle at an additional cost.Click here...

  • This American classic should be on your mind any time, especially this holiday season. Our Red Velvet Cake is rich and moist with just a hint of chocolate. This ruby-red cake with our signature lovely cream cheese frosting is a stylish way to saying "hello".

  • The history of chocolate cake started a long time ago when a doctor discovered how to make chocolate by grinding cocoa beans between two huge stones. Later, another smart scientist figured out how to make cocoa butter. Although I'm not sure who finally decided to add flour and turn it into a cake, we're glad they did. ** No free...

  • Our designers are ready and capable of placing any image on your cake. This is actually the best and most affordable option for a highly personalized cake.

  • Our Cheesecake is perfectly baked, textured and a real legend. Made with pure cream cheese, you can never go wrong with this classic. Serve it up for any occasion or just eat it up yourself.

  • Our sausage roll recipe is the perfect treat for any occasion; sausage rolls make the perfect snack that can be enjoyed both hot and cold! It is full of flavor and we only use the best quality sausages. Select your meat when ordering.